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When placing your items into a storage unit or storage facility, you want to make sure you will be able to come back to your items in the condition you left them, and not have to worry that they are in a safe place. We offer a fully fenced facility with security gates at both our locations in West Plains.

2018  Newly Added Security Feature:   Silver Springs Storage has added additional camera’s at each point of entrance/exits that now read your license plate and records it for later viewing.  Each row is equipped with Security Camera’s that record all movement on the facilities grounds.  An added feature to help our customers feel safe when visiting Silver Springs Storage.

We welcome you to visit our office and view our Security System located inside for your viewing we have our security camera feeds streaming daily.

Remember, no alarm system or security system is 100% secure, but there are different options your facility may offer, and certain things you can do to protect yourself. For instance, it’s always a good idea to have an extra padlock or security lock on your actual unit. The facility’s security may be tight, but you want to make sure you goods are extra protected. We recommend when choosing your padlock for maximum security you choose a stainless steel case-hardened steel shackle “we refer to it as the circle lock”.  You may purchase this lock at the Silver Springs Storage office for $12.00.

Lighting it also important part of Personal Safety at Silver Springs Storage. You will find Silver Springs Storage has maintained lighting that enhancing our customers ability to unload and load safely when visiting our site.

Remember, when it comes to having a secured storage space there are many security questions you can check into. You need to determine the value of your goods to be stored.

When Utilizing our Climate Control Units you will have an added feature of a Security Door with Pass code for Entry. Featured above each door their is a Security Camera located inside and Interior Lights down each Hallway. Additional Lighting is provided inside each individual Climate Control Unit.

Shackle Security Lock required as a security feature.